Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Huge Little Wedding?

The Huge Little Wedding is a new service from Backthird Entertainment, one of Chicago’s best-known and best-loved event music services.

We’ve been in the wedding business since 2005. We love celebrating love.

Huge celebrations are important, and we think they're needed more than ever now. But we need ways to spread your joy without spreading infection. For us, the solution is to keep things small in person - but go huge online. But those two aspects have to fit together, or it doesn't work.

One wedding. Two events. That's your Huge Little Wedding.

Backthird DJs and musicians built this service and are serving as MCs for online celebrations. We’ve called on our favorite planners, wedding film-makers and other pros to work with us in microwedding services.

Your wedding is a source of hope. We couldn't let coronavirus stop us doing what we love—or stop you marrying who you love.

Thanks for inviting everybody.

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What exactly is a "microwedding?"

That term means different things to different people. For us, it’s a marriage celebration with up to 8 people—the wedding couple and up to 6 friends or family members—plus a couple of key vendors if necessary.

That’s a little party. But your real shindig will happen online, in the celebration that starts 48 hours after your microwedding and goes on all week.

Your microwedding is the intimate, luxurious part. And if you stick with fewer than 10 people, a small budget stretches far. Make this the day you'll tell your grandkids all about. Make it a day worth sharing with your guests online.

The sky's the limit, too: You can say vows in church, then cut a wedding cake. Or you can get your favorite friend ordained online, go camping and swap rings in a canoe. If you need to be more strict with social distancing guidelines, a microwedding can work over Zoom or on the porch or in the backyard. Anything's allowed, as long as it makes memories - and creates some moments you can share with other guests online.

There are 3 specific elements we recommend including in your microwedding: Have a ceremony where you exchange vows. Have a first dance. And have a meal or drinks or cake.

Why? These moments help your online guests feel spiritually present at a party that "feels like a wedding" to them. Basically: Your grandma wants to see you eat some cake and dance.

But if you don’t like doing that stuff, we can help you brainstorm other plans when you first call. Then your MC will turn those plans into a party all your friends and family can join in with you, from any place, on any schedule.


How does an "online celebration" work?

Here's what our online celebrations AREN'T:

  • They are not livestreams.
  • They are not video conference calls.
  • They are not virtual events.

Those things all happen in "real time" - guests have to log on at a certain moment in a certain way. They usually watch weak video (live TV's hard to do!), have weak interactions ("can you hear me? is it my turn yet?") and pay weak attention ("I'll just check my email during this part, ok?").

Youtube, Zoom and Facebook Live are great, and you should use them. But guess what? Your guests are sick of them. And they're not going to take the tools they use for work and family every day and treat them as the special moment a wedding is meant to be.

An online celebration's different in three ways:

It's on demand. Your guests - and you - come when they want, for as long as they want, as often as they want.

It's in order. Just like a physical wedding celebration, guests experience things in sequence: First a welcome, then a ceremony, then some toasts. This sequence gives your celebration structure. There's an ebb and flow that keeps it interesting, unlike your last Zoom conference call.

It's interactive. Guests comment, swap stories and play games throughout your party. Because most comments are short videos, you'll see, hear and respond to people at your wedding.

Imagine a Powerpoint presentation that lets dozens of your friends make threaded comments like on Facebook, but with videos like in Telegram instead of text. You're getting there.

Now add a trained MC to structure your event with you, welcome your guests and help them make the most of this new platform.

Got the picture yet? If not, just watch this demo.