Plan your microwedding so your online guests feel like part of the party.

Microweddings are the future – at least, the immediate future. Until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19, large social gatherings are going to be limited. More and more couples are going to be getting married in small groups of 50 guests, 10 guests – or even just the 2 of them.

And that means everybody else attends online.

You can make that happen with conventional digital approaches like a livestream or group video call, or up the ante with a more polished and asynchronous online event like our Huge Little Wedding service. But however you include your online guests, you’ll need to plan your microwedding right if you want them to truly feel like they’re a part of your big day.

Here’s what we’ve learned about structuring your microwedding to help online guests feel like they’re truly there.

Include 3 core events.

If you’re planning an intimate wedding day, you can consider things you’d never do at a 200-person party: Wild locations. Unconventional attire. Out-of-the-box food choices.

If you want to get creative, do it – enjoy the new possibilities a microwedding raises for you. But don’t color so far outside of the lines your guests can’t see the picture any more.

As we developed the Huge Little Wedding service, we identified three core events we believe every wedding needs:

  • A ceremony where you say your vows and, probably, exchange rings.
  • A cake, drink or meal you can enjoy together.
  • A first dance or other “first activity” to kick off your life as a married couple.

Are these all essential? No. But think about your friends attending your big day over the Internet: If they don’t see you dance or cut a cake or walk down the aisle, will they even feel like they’re at a wedding at all?

These core events are cultural shorthand – they’re how we tell ourselves this day is special. Showing them to ALL your online guests will help them feel like they're still celebrating with you.


Acknowledge your online guests. 

During your microwedding, you won’t see most of your online guests – you’ll see a camera.

planning your microwedding with online guests in mind

Treat that camera like a guest. Give it a front-row seat for all your day’s events. Have your officiant look right into it and greet online guests just like he or she would greet guests in person at a physical event.

If you book a Huge Little Wedding, we’ll take care of some of this for you: Our Visual and Complete wedding services include a filmmaker who’ll shoot your microwedding, making sure online guests get the best possible view into your event. And your MC will plan the online celebration with your guests in mind, addressing them in videos just like a DJ would greet them at a physical wedding reception to make sure they understand what’s happening at the party and know how to get involved.


Set time aside for you two, too.

Your microwedding is about involving online guests – but that’s not ALL that’s happening here. Your wedding day is also just about the two of you.

Just like you would at a physical event, plan moments when the camera will be off and you can take some private time to enjoy one another’s company and mark the day in a more private way. It’s going to be intense. That's great. Make sure you savor it together.


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