5 ways a Huge Little Wedding is NOT like a traditional wedding

Welcome to the New Unusual.

What else could we call a wedding in the era of coronavirus? Your wedding day was always going to be special; the whole point is to set this moment off from any other moment in your life. That goal hasn’t changed.

But HOW we set this day apart? That’s all a little different now.

My team at Backthird Entertainment created the Huge Little Wedding to let couples keep the two key elements of all great wedding celebrations:

  • Moments and experiences worth remembering forever
  • Being surrounded by loved ones to share and celebrate those moments with you

For us, that’s what weddings are: Memorable moments, plus togetherness. Traditional weddings achieved that. Huge Little Weddings can achieve it too.

But the details are different.

Here are 5 ways a Huge Little Wedding is NOT like the wedding celebration you may be used to.


1. You don't need a long planning time.

This service is designed to let you marry in as little as two weeks from the time you sign a contract with us. Traditional weddings took months, even years, to plan.

So what’s the difference? You’ll still have great food, a gorgeous venue, flowers and favors and photography – assuming you want all those things. But you’ll be planning them for 5 or 10 guests instead of hundreds.

You’ll be amazed how quickly that can happen if you want it to. Especially since…


2. A weekday wedding is ideal.

The trick of a Huge Little Wedding’s this: Hundreds of guests can still come to your wedding, enjoy your décor, and interact with you. They just do that online instead of in the flesh.

To make sure they can truly interact, not merely watch, your online wedding isn’t “live.” Instead, it opens two days after your event.

Why two days? You (or your filmmaker, if you hire us to document the wedding) have 24 hours after you say “I do” to send us video from the microwedding. Then we’ll take another day to get the online celebration ready for your guests.

Which means two days after you get married, guests attend and celebrate online.

We’ll invite all the guests on your behalf, welcome them to the online party and teach them how to participate. They do so on their own terms, and in their own time – they can attend (or re-attend) whenever they’re available. The celebration is available for one full week.

But we’ve also learned that making a big deal of the premiere is the best way to start your online party off on the right foot. That means launching your online event on a Friday or Saturday, when guests are more likely to have set aside time on their calendars to grab a drink, sit down and make an evening of it.

And if you want to premiere online on a Friday, you should have your microwedding on a Wednesday. Which is great because…


3. The overall cost is lower.

What’s the difference between planning a weekday event for 10 and planning a weekend event for hundreds?

Many, many dollars.

Even with the money you’ll pay us to coordinate, customize and create your online celebration, a Huge Little Wedding is far less expensive than the average pre-pandemic wedding was. Our Complete service includes your online celebration, videography, photography, officiant, venue, flowers and décor, your venue, entertainment, drinks and dinner – all for less than $10,000. The only other things you'll need are clothes and makeup.

You don't have to cut your guest list; you'll just invite them online instead of in person. Doing so will cut your costs by 75%.



4. Your guests see more of you.

Ever attend a wedding where you didn’t know the couple really well? It’s still so fun – but your interactions with the guests of honor were probably limited. You watched their ceremony at a distance, then said your “congratulations” during cocktail time. Perhaps the couple visited your table during dinner to say hi.

And sometimes, for some guests, that’s all the interaction with the wedding couple time allows.

Not so online. For your Huge Little Wedding, you’ll submit a personal welcome video to greet guests and thank them for coming. This is the first thing they’ll see. Then they’ll have a front-row seat to watch you say your vows, hear friends and family offer toasts and more.


5. You see more of your guests.

And the reverse is true as well! Huge Little Wedding guests leave personal video comments and participate throughout your celebration, which means you see and hear from each person who attends.

You can log on throughout your wedding week to answer individual guests, start conversation threads or just thank everybody personally for coming. Your time isn’t limited the way it might be at a typical 6-hour reception.

That allows for a whole different kind of intimacy.


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